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Finally your diet won’t be a diet anymore,
You will be living diet-free forever.


When most people decide to make a change to their diet, whether it's because they want to lose weight or just to be 'healthier' they tend to make the same mistake a lot of people do, they fall into a habit of eating the same things every day. Change up your meals! The solution is just few clicks away.

Learn how to make healthy eating effortless...even if you don’t know hot to cook!

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You don’t have to EAT LESS, you just have to EAT RIGHT.

Have you failed on every diet you have attempted? It’s not you... Diets don’t work. 

When was the last time you went on a diet?

Maybe it was years ago. Maybe it was right before the summer. Maybe you are thinking of starting a new one on Monday!

But whenever you have tried to restrict your calories and eat less, ask yourself this question: “Did that work?”

If you are thinking the answer is “Yes!” Ask yourself couple of more questions.

Did you lose weight permanently? Was the practice sustainable? Did you feel satisfied?

I have the feeling the answers has changed in a big “NO” and for good reason.

Diets don’t work!

Make instead lifestyle changes that are sustainable and enjoyable. Stop depriving yourself of the foods you love.


I will give you the right tools to eat what you like and to finally get out of the starvation mode. 

If you’ve ever failed at dieting, remember that your weight regain it is not a lack of willpower. You have not been given the right instructions to make a change forever.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, try something different. I will teach you how to make personalized weekly meal plans, what and how to cook to finally enjoy the food you love.

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The Ultimate Recipe Pack

When it comes to meal planning can be really tough deciding what to buy, what to eat and how to cook. Making the right choices in the kitchen is the first step to lose weight without dieting.

Here is what you have been looking for some time, I guess?  

It is all done for you! Take the time and frustration out of meals creation.

Choose the recipe pack right for your needs, High Protein, Low Crabs, Plant Based or get them ALL with an incredible extra discount!

Special offer! Buy now and get a

70% discount

Learn how to create your own meal plan and make a shopping list. You will save a ton of time. These recipe pack will make cooking feel effortless as all creation is already done for you!

Are you ready to achieve your desire body shape without giving up the foods you love?

You will lose fat or gain muscles still being able to enjoying your favourite goodies.

You will learn how to eat well and live healthy.

Can't think what to eat this week?

Are you tired of eating the same old thing?

All recipes are clean & healthy meals with calories and macros listed for ease of use.

Vegetarian? Vegan? Weight loss? Muscle building? 

No problem, choose the recipe pack that suits you the best!

All recipes are created with healthy single ingredient foods, and choices of wheat-free, gluten free and refined sugar free.

bontà verde


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Federico is definitely the best massage therapist I have ever tried in the last 10 years. I had an injury in my shoulders and lower back and he fixed it in 3-4 sessions, I can say he has blessed hands, very honest, straight forward and focus, he clearly knows a lot about human body. I can’t recommend him enough.

He also helped me a lot to adjust my macros and calories intake for my type of training.

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Federico is an amazing trainer and sports masseur as well as a great human being. Every class he pushes me harder towards my goals and expects a lot from me which keeps me motivated and goal oriented, without making me dread working out. He is also flexible when it comes to my crazy work schedule and makes sure to always fit me in. He constantly checks on me which makes me feel as though he is my friend as well as my trainer. The comfort level I have with him is so high because of his personality as well as professionalism. I strongly recommend his services .

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I have been working with Federico for quite a while now and I have to say after seeing several PT’s in London, he has been the most professional of all, getting into every detail like no one did before. When it comes to sports massage he‘s always kind enough to explain how every muscle works plus he literally sorts me out every time.

I have been following his nutrition plans and recently purchased the High Protein recipe pack that is just amazing!

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REcipe features

Nutritious, quick to prepare meals that can be matched to your goals, so that they fuel your body with the right foods at the right time.



high quality recipes


Detailed nutritional information


scan and track your meal instantly


weekly shopping list and meal plan 


don't miss out this oppurtunity

3 extra gifts are waiting for you! Purchase one of the packs and you will receive an email to get access to the rewards.

bonus 1

The reduce your stress program

This program is designed for  busy people with stress-related difficulties. You will get exclusive access to this incredible feature.

Stress holds us back from being the best we can be. This 2-week habit coaching program encourages you to reduce your stress by showing you the most effective ways of controlling it in all areas of your life.

bonus 2

You will receive a PDF Sheet Template that you can print and fill up with your favorite recipes.

It's a great tool to keep in the kitchen! Make your life easier and save time when you have to think about what to eat.

bonus 3

Bonuses are not quite finished!

There's one more for you to boost your fitness with an example of a 30 minutes full body workout program.

Repeat the routine 5 times a week to get the best out of it.

And why not to recover with one of the High Protein Smoothies included in the recipe pack?

weekly meal plan

full body workout

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Federico started his health and fitness journey at very young age playing Karate and Football at National level.

He dedicated the last ten years studying how to change people lives.

He decided to take the sport path graduating in Sports Science and helping other people with their health.

He has delivered thousands of training sessions in two countries and helped athletes during their competitions and recovery process.

His extensive knowledge includes Massage and Nutrition, where he obtained qualifications in both at London College Of Osteopathy and The South Bank University in London.

He has the right skills to take the health and fitness to the desired level.

His mission is to enable people to live a better life and the change is now just few clicks away!


Get your Recipe Pack Today.


Normally £99 



Lifetime Access

Immediate Start

Access to a Private Coaching App

3 Bonuses


Normally £99 



Lifetime Access

Immediate Start

Access to a Private Coaching App

3 Bonuses

low carb

Normally £99 



Lifetime Access

Immediate Start

Access to a Private Coaching App

3 Bonuses


Normally £99 



Lifetime Access

Immediate Start

Access to a Private Coaching App

3 Bonuses

  • Can I buy the recipe packs separately?
    Yes! You are more than welcome to find and choose the one you like the most in the shopping page.
  • What is going to happen when I purchase the product from the shop?
    You will get direct access to a PDF file, easy to download and ready to go!
  • How will I get my bonuses?
    Once you have place your order I will be in touch with you via email and I will send you all your 3 bonuses!
  • Is this a limited time offer?
    Yes! This is a limited time offer and the price will go back to normal as soon as the promotion ends.

I am so happy to finally share my products with you guys!

This is the solution to overcome once and for all your food related problems and get amazing results!

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